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Strategies for Essay Writing

Essay writing is a knack. It takes some time to develop the skills. Here are some strategies that you can follow to ensure that your essay writing progress goes smoothly.

Developing A Thesis

A thesis statement helps clarify the topic to the readers. It should be developed in an intriguing manner and should motivate the reader to go through the entire essay.


Having a proper outline will help you visualize the final result. Readers pay great attention to order and logical structure in the essay.


Finally, it is vital to end your essay with a meaningful conclusion that summarizes the entirety of the essay in a smart manner. You don’t want to present any new information in this stage.

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Tips for Students to Write Excellent Essays

Essay Writing

Many students find it challenging to write their essays because of the mental stress and uncertainty they feel. They judge themselves harshly and suffer from impostor syndrome. They also fail to have a proper plan in place. Here are some tips for college students to write excellent essays:

Determining a Topic is the First and Most Important Step

You will want to take your time and brainstorm some ideas. You will need to have at least 3 to 4 ideas. Ideally, it is best to choose topics that you resonate with or enjoy discussing with other people. The topic you decide on will largely determine the quality of your essay. You will need to have a strong and well-informed opinion about the topic that you are writing on.

Chalk Out an Outline

Having an outline is the next important step. It will help you see the potential and visualize the final result of the essay. It will also help you be off to a quick start. You don’t want to be a perfectionist at this stage. Instead, it is best to let the words flow freely.

Editing Comes at a Later Stage

Many students are too hard on themselves in the initial stages of the writing process. It is vital for a student to learn how to shut off their inner critic in these stages. The focus should merely be on getting words out on the paper without worrying about the grammatical structure of the sentences, the word count, or overall essay structure.


Editing must always come in the final stages. This is when you get the opportunity to be a critic of your own work and polish it. Many experts recommend writing the introduction paragraph at the very end stage. You can read the essay out loud to see if it sounds right to your ears as well.

Avoid Quoting Too Many Works

You may become excited at the number of works you stumble upon that support your arguments or line of reasoning, and you may become tempted to quote plenty of them. Keep in mind that the people who will be reading your essay may be put off by this, as they will typically expect your personal words and analysis on the essay topic.

Conclude Gracefully

Your conclusion must be a proper summarization of your entire essay. You can also place a strong emphasis on certain ideas in the essay that you feel need to be paid more attention to. You can include a ‘call-to-action’ message in your conclusion paragraph as well.

Use a Plagiarism Checker

It is best to use a plagiarism checker on your essay in order to be on the safer side. You may have subconsciously borrowed certain things from articles that you may have read in the past. By ensuring that the plagiarism score is low, you can give your essay a fair chance to be read and considered seriously.

Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block in College Essays

College Essays

The level of competition and the demanding nature of colleges can put even the most intelligent student under serious stress and make them doubt their abilities. Writer’s block can happen to just about anyone, and it can be quite common among young college students. It comes mainly from a place of anxiety and uncertainty about one’s abilities, despite all the evidence. Here are some tips for overcoming writer’s block in college essays:

Change of Environment Helps

If you find yourself constantly at your desk trying to get your essay right, it might actually be counterproductive. Although it can seem like a scary idea, it actually helps to go out of the home and forget about the essay for a while.

Environment Helps

You can consider heading to the nearest coffee shop or going for a walk. You can find great relaxation in ordinary things like doing day-to-day chores. You can also meet with your friends and have a fun time talking about non-academic matters.

Pay Attention to Diet and Level of Physical Activity

If you want to overcome your writer’s block in writing your college essay, pay attention to your dietary patterns. Are you eating well enough or overeating? It also helps to boost your blood circulation with some physical activity.

After all, they say that the body and mind are deeply connected. You can try anything from comfortable walks to high-intensity physical training. Yoga can be quite miraculous in the way it rejuvenates and transforms you.

Talk to Someone

You can consider talking to someone you have always admired and believed in. Even if they have no specific advice to offer, you will undoubtedly feel benefitted from their reassuring presence and their faith in your abilities.


You will find many great meditation techniques that will help clear your mind. Meditation has been used by many highly creative people like Steve Jobs. You can train your brain and feel a greater sense of balance and control. Many meditation techniques can also help uproot the underlying issues preventing you from accessing your potential for creativity and expression.

Make Your Writing Space Sacred

Writing Space

It helps to have your writing space clean and tidy. You will also want to avoid unnecessary distractions. Make sure not to have the phone with you while writing, and avoid checking your social media or watching videos on the browser.

Avoid All-Nighters

All-nighters can be quite damaging to your health. It is best to wake up early in the morning and get started. Your creative juices will be flowing at this time, and you can get many great ideas onto the paper with ease.

To Sum Up

These are some of the major tips that will prove useful in overcoming writer’s block in writing college essays. Writer’s block is something that all students will experience at some point. Hence, it is important to learn how to deal with it gracefully.